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Academy Leader

Creative Brief

Paper stop motion academy leader

The idea or ‘feel’ behind my concept was to feel hand done and crafty.

To create this video,  I want the audience to learn that even technology can look simple and crafted by hand, from my work.

To make this video I  used plain white paper, blanket as a background, point and shoot digital camera, tripod, and all sounds recorded by me crumpling paper.

The following is a link to inspired me for this video


Also: view as an html

Before starting to edit this video, I watched the entire video file we were given. While doing that I produced a shot list scene_organizing_list. It includes information of the timing of the scene, what happens, camera angles and shots, plus any pro’s or cons of the scene.

The biggest challenge for this exercise was figuring out the flow if the video. Which shots should come first and which are later on.